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What is SelectorsHub?

SelectorsHub is the Next Gen XPath tool to generate, write and verify the XPath and cssSelectors. SelectorsHub auto suggests all attributes, text and everything to complete Selectors like xpath & cssSelector in less than 5 seconds. Now we need not to copy and paste attribute values from DOM anymore to build XPath and cssSelector. It also suggests siblings, parents, childNodes, ancestors and descendants etc. It gives the proper error message for invalid syntax like what is missing in Selector. It also supports shadowDOM, iframe and SVG elements. Generate all possible selectors and much more. It is the very first and the only innovation which auto suggests values and supports shadowDOM. Browsers Supported: Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera

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  • SelectorsHub helps you to improve your xpath and cssSelectors writing skills.
  • SelectorsHub suggests all possible XPath and cssSelector functions while typing like a smart editor along with their occurrences to complete Selectors quickly. Now you need not to copy and paste attribute values from DOM anymore to build XPath and cssSelector.
  • SelectorsHub is the only tool which supports shadowDOM, in fact even Chrome DevTools doesn’t support shadowDOM. Now one can write the selectors for shadow dom elements and verify it in SelectorsHub.
  • SelectorsHub is the only compiler for XPath & cssSelector which gives the proper error message for the missing or wrong elements in your selectors.
  • SelectorsHub supports iframe and frame. It gives the XPath of the iframe along with the element XPath.
  • SelectorsHub supports svg elements and gives the information if the element is svg or svg child.
  • SelectorsHub suggests all possible attribute combinations, text, following siblings, preceding siblings, parents, children, ancestors, descendants etc. while typing selector.
  • Generate all types of possible selectors just in a single click along with their occurrences.
  • Copy selector value directly from the context menu itself. No need to open DevTools and SelectorsHub tab anymore.
  • Feature to customise contextMenu.
  • Feature to disable and enable SelectorsHub in contextMenu
  • It also gives the index based xpath in auto suggest.
  • It has the feature to generate a selector with the desired attribute.
  • You can also generate selectors with driver command.
  • You can customise the SelectorsHub UI as you want.
  • All the config will be saved in local so next time when you open it, it opens with your configs.
  • To copy the Selector's value, just click on the copy icon or the Selector's Header.
  • To edit Selector's value, just click on selector's value, it will put the value in a box where you can edit it and verify.
  • It shows the total number of matching elements.
  • It shows all the matching nodes in the SelectorsHub tab.
  • It highlights all the matching nodes in the web page.
  • It scrolls the web element in the viewable area if it is not in the viewable area.
  • Generate the most optimised XPath and cssSelector compared to any other XPath tool.
  • It supports all the browsers with similar functionality.


  • Currently it doesn't support safari browser.

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