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What is ScopeMaster?

ScopeMaster® is an intelligent software requirements analyser, it reads user stories like a human and performs time-consuming analysis work for you. It parses, interprets, tests, cross-references, sizes and then reports on many aspects of your user stories. It will find potential problems such as: ambiguities, duplicates, omissions, inconsistencies and complexities. ScopeMaster® will find, and help you fix, typically 30 – 60% of all requirements issues, which is approximately 10% of all project defects. ScopeMaster® is also the first technology ever to automate functional sizing from requirements.

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  • Reads, analyses and tests requirements, in seconds.
  • Requires no set up / training
  • Finds defects in requirements in seconds
  • Estimates functional size in two ISO standards (COSMIC FP and IFPUG uAFP)
  • Generates positive and negative test scenarios.
  • Teaches users to write better user stories.
  • Is about 20x faster at finding requirements defects than if done manually.
  • Is about 10x faster at determining functional size.
  • Finds omitted requirements, solving one of the biggest problems on software.
  • Facilitates the re-use of requirements
  • Has a REST api


  • Cloud only, currently no on-prem version.
  • Limited to analysing user stories written in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.
  • Few collaboration features.

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