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AutonomIQ ChroPath

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What is AutonomIQ ChroPath?

ChroPath generates all possible selectors just by one click. ChroPath can also be used as Editor for selectors. It makes easy to write, edit, extract, and evaluate XPath queries on any webpage. ChroPath Studio helps to record all manual steps along with automation steps. With smart maintenance feature, all xpaths can be verified from script. It also supports iframe, multi selectors generation, dynamic attributes, generate relative xpath with custom attribute, automation script steps generation & much more.
Supported Browsers - Chrome, FIrefox, Edge and Opera

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  • Generate all possible locators like id, className, name, xpath etc along with the number of occurrences in single click.
  • Unique relative and absolute XPath for SVG elements & SVG child elements.
  • iframe xpath along with element xpath.
  • ChroPath will suggest the rel xpath for user's selector i.e. when user will verify the selector in CP then CP will suggest the best relative xpath for the first matching node.
  • Automation command with label as well. No more time waste in editing command.
  • Alert for dynamic id/class, meaningful error message and much more.
  • Reset button to set all the default config.
  • ChroPath will save the user attribute and predefined command in local config so next time when user open CP, user doesn't need to waste time and can get last set configuration automatically.
  • Copy all recorded selectors/steps from ChroPath tab itself without downloading xls.
  • Option to generate XPath with and without text.
  • ChroPath Studio: generate the manual test case automatically.
  • Smart Maintenance: verify multiple xpath and script in single shot without wasting any time.
  • A Free highest rated XPath & timesaver tool. It supports Chrome, Firefox, Edge & opera browser.


  • Doesn't support those iframe which are from different src because chrome doesn't allow to inject script inside such iframes for security reasons.
  • Doesn't support the ExtJs components as well

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